CPR Fast Lift8 White 500g
CPR Fast Lift8 White 500g

CPR Fast Lift8 White 500g

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BRAND: CPR CODE: 1490205

Vitafive CPR Fast Lift8 White Powder Lightener 500g

-Gentle & Effective – Up to 8 Levels of Lift In 20 Minutes!*

-Pro-Keratine & Argan Oil

-High Powered Dust Free Blue Powder Lightener

-Advanced fast lifting technology lifts up to 8 levels, cutting through yellow, brassy and gold tones for fresh, clean blondes. Infused with Pro-keratine and Argan Oil to strengthen the bonds within the hair and protect the scalp during the lightening process.

-Protects and builds the integrity of the hair

-Cuts through orange, gold & yellow tones

-Dust free formula. Does not swell

-Creamy, smooth consistency

-Stays moist & active for up to 3 hours

-Suitable for all hair types, natural or coloured

-Suitable for any lightening technique

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