Crazy Color Red Sham 250ml (D)
Crazy Color Red Sham 250ml (D)

Crazy Color Red Sham 250ml (D)

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BRAND: Crazy Color CODE: 1020457

Crazy Color Red Shampoo 250ml (D)

Crazy Color Vibrant Shampoos come in 4 Vibrant Colors and are designed to help preserve the boldness and vibrancy of each individual color range. Depositing just enough pigment to extend the life of your color without staing the hands. These shampoos have a Sulfate and Salt free formula. Eliminate color fade, dry hair and split ends. Follow your shampoo with the Rainbow Care Conditioner, designed to deep condition to help maintain the strength, shine and suppleness of bleached and colored hair. Infused with a unique protein blend and containing vitamin rich Sunflower Seed Oil for shine and Brazil Nut Oil for hydration and suppleness. Frequent use will help to seal and smoothe hair shaft for optimum color vibrancy.

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