Cromakey Oil 8.00 75ml (D)

Cromakey Oil 8.00 75ml (D)

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BRAND: Emsibeth CODE: 2090146

Cromakey Oil 8.00 75ml (D) Cromakey-Oil is the high-tech oil colouring system which becomes a cationic gel when mixed with the Cromakey-In Activator. The formula, which contains no ammonia, colours and lightens by up to 4 tones with extraordinary gentleness, protecting the hair’s health and balance. The essential micropigments in Cromakey-Oil guarantee intense, natural colours that will withstand a large number of washes. Cromakey-Oil does not stain the scalp and leaves the hair bright and shining. It contains oleic alcohol to assist colour penetration instead of ammonia. Important: for guaranteed results Cromakey-Oil must only be used with the Cromakey-In Activators.

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