FM Skin 100ml
FM Skin 100ml

FM Skin 100ml

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BRAND: Foil Me CODE: 2150019

Foil Me Skin 100ml

-Relieves itchy, dry, red, cracked skin that is caused by exposure to harsh soaps and chemicals.
-Prevents severe reactions or unwanted side effects due to it being SLS and PARABEN-free.
-Cares for your skin and scalp where its key plant and essential oil ingredients are derived from nature and not harmful man-made chemicals.
-Provides a fresh natural aroma that will not interfere with other fragrances worn.
-Quickly delivers a non-greasy, soft and silky finish; it is perfect as a barrier cream.
-It is VEGAN & Organic.
-It is formulated from ethically-sourced ingredients.
-It is NOT tested on Animals.
-It is completely Australian created, made and owned.
-The packaging is 100% recyclable.

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