Janeke Gold Teasing Comb

Janeke Gold Teasing Comb

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BRAND: Janeke CODE: 2300103

Janeke Gold Teasing Comb A must have for creating the ultimate big hair and texture. The Gold Teasing Comb has picks at the end to lift the hair as well as a fine tooth comb edge to create the perfect teased looks when backcombing. The 24 carat gold within this comb isn't just pretty, it also prevents frizz and who doesn't love that!? Please note: This comb has been made with galvanised 24 carat gold - meaning it is not just a varnish. However as with all fine jewellery, this comb will naturally and slowly tarnish. To bring back its original lustre and shine, simply polish using an appropriate soft cloth and cleaning agent. If you do not have any gold jewellery polish, toothpaste works wonders!

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