KC Clend Shamp Purple 1L
KC Clend Shamp Purple 1L

KC Clend Shamp Purple 1L

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BRAND: Keratin Colour CODE: 1092813

Keracolor Clenditioner Colour Shampoo Purple 1 Litre

Colour While You Cleanse… With VALUE!

Fallen in love with Keracolor Color Clenditioner Colour Shampoo? Now you can amp up the value as well as your luscious locks. Available in a one litre size, Keracolor Color Clenditioner Colour Shampoo is a non-lather conditioning cleanser designed to instantly infuse colour into hair with every wash.

Maintain colour vibrancy, add stunning hues to pre-lightened locks and kick up your colour between salon visits. Low-foam Keracolor Color Clenditioner Colour Shampoo cleans away dirt and debris while depositing rich colour which deepens with each use. The Keracolor motto is do no harm, so that’s why Clenditioner Colour Shampoo contains no sulphates or parabens. Pigment can last up to 10-15 washes, depending on porosity and pre-lightened level!

IMPORTANT: This product contains ingredients that may cause skin irritation on certain individuals. A preliminary test should first be made according to the accompanying directions.

-One litre bottle for terrific value
-Cleanse and condition hair whilst you colour
-Deposits direct dye pigments for a boost of Purple colour with every wash
-We recommend wearing gloves when using to prevent staining of hands
-For true, bright colour apply to pre-lightened hair
-Maintains colour to prevent fading
-Not tested on animals
-Made in the USA
-Sulphate and paraben free

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