My Colour Gold Cond 1L
My Colour Gold Cond 1L

My Colour Gold Cond 1L

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BRAND: Infuse My. Colour CODE: 2490024

Infuse My. Colour Gold Conditioner 1 Litre

Hydrating Conditioner for Colour Protection

Whether you own coloured tresses or have those natural locks, a right conditioning is a must for maintaining hair health and immunity. To match to your hair care regimen, Infuse My. brings an enriching conditioner that is perfect for your post-poo treatment. The hydrating conditioner acts as an ideal sealant for hair cuticles, infusing the needed moisture and nourishment. A staple to your colour care kit, this clarifying conditioner works to prevent colour fading while preserving a lasting shine for gorgeous-looking hair.

Maximum Colour Protection and Shine

This smoothing conditioner provides weightless hydration, nourishment and colour protection. This advanced conditioning formula with no parabens, gluten, and silicones, is truly a treat to hair. You can always trust Infuse My. Colour Conditioner for soft, smooth, and luscious locks. Use the colour preserving conditioner on regular basis for the most effective results!

Keep Your Conditioning Game On!

Detangling, texture, and Elasticity—Expect it all from this moisturising conditioner that has been innovatively formulated to calm the frizz and flyaways to offer a salon-worthy finish. Taming the mane, the hair conditioning cream provides the desired definition to those unruly strands and gears your bed head for a fresh and clean appearance. Nourishing your hair roots by restructuring the fibre, the creamy conditioner promotes strengthened hair that is less prone to breakage and damage. The colour care conditioner also protects your hair from heat, humidity, excessive brushing, blowdrying, and heat styling tools.

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