SP 20

SP 20" Mini Micro Bead 4N Midn

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BRAND: Showpony CODE: 1830301

Showpony Human Hair 20" Mini Micro Bead Hair Extensions 4N Midnight Brown 25pk (1 Gram Strand) Australia’s smallest Micro Bead Hair Extensions, made from the finest quality premium double drawn hair. Featuring silicon not breakable tip that not only provides longevity but is the most comfortable Micro Bead Hair Extensions available. We are excited to announce the launch of our NEW 20” Mini Micro Bead Hair Extensions! BENEFITS -Mini Bonds - for that undetectable finish -No glue or adhesive - gentle on natural hair. Easy to remove and re-fit -25 strands per pack - 1g per strand -Blend: 80% Indian + 20% European Human Hair -Reusable - made with a strong, durable silicone tip which will increase longevity allowing re-beading over and over again -High quality A+ Double Drawn Human Hair - Showpony’s most luxurious range yet -Super Double Drawn - thick right through to the ends -25 Strands Per Pack - equivalent to a 1/4 head [4 packets = full head] -Available in 14 natural colours -Suitable for medium to thick hair

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