Takara Belmont Nami Chair (P)
Takara Belmont Nami Chair (P)

Takara Belmont Nami Chair (P)

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BRAND: Joiken CODE: 1275298

Takara Belmont Nami Styling Chair (P)

The Nami, meaning “wave” in Japanese has been designed with quality and comfort in mind. The Nami allows clients to rest easy by employing advanced ergonomic principles of the Nagi-Nami series. With the added value of a adjustable hydraulic base, client and stylist are equally comfortable.

A chair that grows on you, letting you achieve your goals with comfort and ease. A chair that will make the person sitting feel comfort of body and mind. A new era in salon chairs born of cutting-edge ergonomics and design.

Careful analysis was made of all measurements and angles, such as the length and angles of the seat surface and backrest in an attempt to discover the ideal fundamental sizes that help prevent the fatigue of being seated for long periods as well as aid the customerfs posture.

The line from the armrest to the backrest fits the customer's body line so that the backrest will firmly and comfortably supports customer's waist and back.

By softening the back area of the seat whilst keeping the front area slightly firmer, we have come considerably closer to achieving an ideal distribution of body weight throughout the chair. The secret to this is in the varying densities of the foam seat cushion. The density of the foam under the buttocks, where pressure from the body is highly concentrated, is of a low, so that the body sinks snuggly down, whilst the surrounding foam is slightly denser to firmly hold the body in place. In addition to this, the seat covering is extremely pliable enabling in to easily mould to the individual shape.

Width: 26.5"
Height: 35"
Depth: 25”

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