Vani-t Illumin8 Express Tan 1L

Vani-t Illumin8 Express Tan 1L

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BRAND: Vani-T CODE: 1780193

Vani-t Illumin8 Dry Oil Express Spray Tan Solution 1L Experience luxury at its finest with this opulent dry oil express formula with a blend of 8 heavenly oils to enrich your skin with ultra hydrating properties. HD Light reflective particles provide a photo ready finish that diffuse and blur skin imperfections. Radiate confidence as your skin glows with a luminous, dewy sheen and supreme colour. SIZES AVAILABLE: 1 LITRE & 200 ML (SPRAY TAN SOLUTION), 150 ML (SELF TAN MOUSSE) SHADE (DHA%): ULTRA DARK 15% DEVELOPMENT TIME: EXPRESS TAN (1 - 3+ HOURS) BASE COLOUR: CHOCOLATE

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