Vani-T Noir-Uber Express 1L
Vani-T Noir-Uber Express 1L

Vani-T Noir-Uber Express 1L

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BRAND: Vani-T CODE: 1780227

Vani-T Noir-Uber Dark Express Tanning Solution 1 Litre

Designed to fulfill your deepest tan desires, Noir is our darkest tan ever, with up to 125% more tan actives than most leading brands. Its unique formula provides intense true to life colour, impeccably flawless results and a smooth fade.


-Up to 125% more tanning actives than most leading brands - work to deliver the darkest
tan VANI-T has ever developed without compromising on colour.

-Collagen - boosts skin elasticity and assists in the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles.

-Hyaluronic Acid - assists to keep moisture in, firm and tighten the skin, while keeping it
plump and supple.

-Transdermal delivery - ensures colour in as little as 1 hour. Leave on for up to 8 hours for
an ultra dark result.

-Chocolate base - suits all skin tones for intense true to life colour.

-Aromatherapy blend - no faux tan odour.

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